Hiding Edith by Kathy Kacer

Hiding Edith: A true story by Kathy Kacer

Hiding Edith is a true story about a young Jewish girl, aged around ten, who is trying to survive and make sense of World War II and the hatred that surrounds her. In order to survive the holocaust, young Edith Schwalb must move house (both with and without her family) and try to work out how to be Jewish while pretending to be someone else.

After moving from Austria to France, she ends up in a special boarding house for Jewish children in a town call Moissac. This town is unique because the non-Jewish people who live there keep the boarding house a secret from the Nazis. The Mayor of this town warns the children when a Nazi raid is coming and they pack up and go camping for a few days until it is safe to return.

Edith goes through many distressing times in her journey and she carries the reader with her every step of the way. I really enjoyed the way the photographs are sprinkled throughout the book as it made the people very real to me – I felt their fear, their pain and an overwhelming sense of injustice at what they were being put through. This is a well written book that gives a very real look at the life of a small girl caught in a horrible and terrifying situation.

This is a new addition to our QSLibrary bookshelves so check out the New Book shelves or have a look under KAC on the Older Fiction shelves. You can also reserve this book using OLIVER in our school library or in your classroom.

Ms. Hill 🙂


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