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12 days of Christmas at Queenspark School (Junior)

As part of the 12 days of Christmas being celebrated in the junior school this year, the teachers needed a visiting storyteller. What an opportunity for Ms. Hill to grab her trusty horse, crowns, sword and magic potion and ride off to the rescue!!

A huge thanks to all my lovely Room 6, 7 and 8 helpers who put on their costumes and AHAAA! rode off on the adventure with me.
Special thanks to Ryan, Tyrell and Evelyn for their fabulous roles as:
a Young and Handsome Prince, a Wily and Wicked Wizard, and the Snow Queen with the cold, cold heart!

You can see a photo of us in action up on the Library window and here …



Ms. Hill 🙂


Christchurch City Libraries

Join the Summertime Reading Club in 2010.

This very popular summer activity starts again on 17 December 2010 and runs to 21 January 2011.

Simply read six books of your choice — fiction or non-fiction — get an adult to register your reading online. The first 500 entries get a prize pack. You also go in the draw for more prizes and an iPod Touch.

Get in the reading habit and you will be ready for the Reading Crusade — coming your way in April/May 2011.
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Picture Book of the Week: Mirror by Jeannie Baker

We have an amazing new book in our Library called Mirror. As borrowing is closing for the year on Wednesday 8th December, have a look at it on the New Books shelf and reserve it for next year. It is a wordless picture book exploring Australian and Morroccan life.

Click here for a link to Bob’s review of this book and two other picture books.

Ms. Hill 🙂

‘It’s a book’ – an animated video of Lane Smith’s book

Click here to play the Youtube video:

This book is available in full, in person, at our Queenspark School Library. 🙂

Ms. Hill

Best and Worst Books 2010

Last Wednesday night I had the pleasure of going to the Best and Worst Books evening held at Upper Riccarton Public Library. This is an annual event and this year was presented by a panel of Librarians from around Christchurch including Public Library and School Librarians. Here are the ‘winners’. For downloadable pdf. files for each category, click on the links below.

The ‘winners’ in the Picture Book category are as follows:

Click here for a .pdf of the ‘Best Picture Books’ 2010

The ‘winners’ in the Younger Fiction / Quick Reads category are as follows:

Click here for a .pdf of the ‘Best Younger Fiction/Quick Reads’ 2010

The ‘winners’ in the Older Fiction category were as follows:

Click here for a .pdf of the ‘Best Older Fiction books’ 2010

Junior School: Book of the Week – ‘What the Ladybird heard’ by Julia Donaldson

I love this picture book! Like The Gruffalo and Tabby McTat, this book takes you on an adventure in rhyme. Shorter, punchy, great pictures and text, this book will have instant appeal to young children from early childhood onwards. Lanky Len an Hefty Hugh add a dimension for older kids to enjoy as well.

The story is one of a very quiet (silent) ladybird who breaks her silence to save the prizewinning cow from a kidnapping plot. It has enough mooing, baaing and clucking to make for great audience participation and a fabulous map of the plot (just like D-D-D-D-Dora!).

So grab this book if you see it – it’s worth a read. 🙂

‘Who is Who?’

No one got it all correct!
Here are the photos in colour to help you out. Enter in the Library all next week.

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NO ONE got it all correct, again. SO the draw has been made from the people who only got ONE wrong. Go to the Library hompage to find the winner. Here are the answers …

1. Mrs. Beal
2. Mrs. Cobb
3. Mr. Adkins
4. Mrs. Roulston
5. Mrs. Richards
6. Mrs. Ryan
7. Mrs. Willis
8. Mrs. Goodson
9. Mr. Tyson
10. Mrs. Gilchrist
11. Mrs. Jansen
12. Ms. James
13. Mrs. Haylock
14. Ms. Boyle
15. Mrs. Whitaker
16. Mrs. Hutchings