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Funny stuff from the British. 🙂

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Billionaire Boy by David Walliams

Billionaire Boy by David Walliams

Funny funnyman David Walliams is at it again! He has written his third book (after The boy in the dress and Mr. Stink) and it is just as, well, David Walliams-ish! (In case you watch Little Britain on the TV, he is the tall one).

Billionaire Boy is about a boy, Joe Spud, whose father has gone from rags to riches by earning squillions of dollars making a fabulous new toilet paper. This has made Joe both one of the richest kids ever and the most bullied. Joe has no friends and is known as ‘Bum Boy’ and the ‘Bog Roll Kid’ at his frightfully expensive private school.

When Joe receives a £2,000,000 cheque for his birthday from his dad he confesses that in fact what he would prefer is a friend to share his life with. He moves to the local school posing as a ‘normal’ kid and meets Bob, a fellow ‘fatty’, with whom he forms a friendship. But nothing ever runs that smoothly …

David Walliams writes a very funny book. I loved his description of the curriculum at St. Cuthbert’s School for Boys: how to be beastly to servants, how to play Stately Homes Top Trumps, and how to step over the homeless person as you leave the opera! 🙂

So grab a copy from the QSLibrary (coming soon), OR if you want the free billion pound banknote inside the back cover all for yourself, you’ll have to buy a copy! It is an easy read – lots of pages but larger print so it won’t take you forever to read. Anyone 9+ should love this story.

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Merry Christmas to everyone from Ms. Hill


Click here to see Ms. Hill in her ‘other’ life as one of Santa’s elves. 


Happy Holidays and I hope you all have a fabulous break.

To all our lovely students who are leaving (especially my Lead Librarians) I wish you all the best for your future.


Please keep in touch – I love seeing you going on and doing well!

To all returning students, have a great break and see you in 2011.

Ms. Hill 🙂 🙂 🙂

Christchurch City Libraries

Join the Summertime Reading Club in 2010.

This very popular summer activity starts again on 17 December 2010 and runs to 21 January 2011.

Simply read six books of your choice — fiction or non-fiction — get an adult to register your reading online. The first 500 entries get a prize pack. You also go in the draw for more prizes and an iPod Touch.

Get in the reading habit and you will be ready for the Reading Crusade — coming your way in April/May 2011.
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Picture Book of the Week: Mirror by Jeannie Baker

We have an amazing new book in our Library called Mirror. As borrowing is closing for the year on Wednesday 8th December, have a look at it on the New Books shelf and reserve it for next year. It is a wordless picture book exploring Australian and Morroccan life.

Click here for a link to Bob’s review of this book and two other picture books.

Ms. Hill 🙂

Anthony Browne – Children’s Laureate from 2009 – 2011

Anthony Browne books:

What is the Children’s Laureate?

The Children’s Laureate is awarded once every two years to a writer or illustrator of children’s books to celebrate outstanding achievement.

Who has been Children’s Laureate before?

* Michael Rosen (2007-2009)

* Jacqueline Wilson (2005-2007)

* Michael Morpurgo (2003-2005)

* Anne Fine (2001-2003)

* Quentin Blake (1999-2001)

Who will be the next one?  Click HERE for a link to the UK voting page.


Click on STORYSNOOPS on the ‘For Kids’ to look up books that you might like to read. They are divided into areas such as: humour (funny books), adventure stories, graphic novels, mystery, sports and more …

Suitable for ages 9-12 and teens.

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