For Kids

Here are some links for kids to try out


For general Library blog links:


Christchurch City Libraries Kids’ Blog is a fabulous website for news, reviews, competitions, authors and you can blog your own favourite reads too.
Fendalton Open-Air School Library Blog is written by a great school librarian, Desna Wallace, and has lots of information, reviews and recommendations. have a look and see what another school library does …


For links to other websites to play games and have fun:


Loads of links to official and other websites about your favourites authors and their book characters!


To help you find your next book:


Check out the Bookseer website to find your next book. Just type in a book you have just read and a list will pop up of similar titles. Give it a try!
Storysnoops is another great website for helping you to find your next book. Just choose from the dropdown lists (like age and genre) and the site will give you lots of options around what to read next.
A superb website for reviewed books is Bob’s Book Blog. Bob Docherty is an expert in children’s literature and has a regularly updated blog that is a fantastic way of keeping up with new books. Well worth looking at.
Beattie’s Book Blog has a mixture of children’s and adult’s book reviews and is a fabulous place to go and look for your next book.
Click here for our very own reviews and recommendations from the students in our Queenspark School Year 7/8 Noses In Books club. This will take you to our NiBs page. Here you can search for a particular book or just browse the reviews.


For homework help:


Infoblitz is a fabulous website for not only homework help but a great range of other sites too. Have a look – it’s lots of fun.
Need to know if we have a book in our Queenspark School Library? Click here for a link to the Queenspark School Website. From the homepage you can get to the OLIVER Library catalogue using the Library link.


For other Queenspark School blogs:

Room 5’s classroom blog
Room 6’s classroom blog

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