For Parents


Here are some useful links for you and your children:


Check out the Bookseer website to find your child’s next book. Just type in a book he or she has just read and a list will pop up of similar titles. Give it a try!
Storysnoops is another great website for helping your child to find their next book. Just choose from the dropdown lists (like age and genre) and the site will give you lots of options around what to read next.
Mem Fox’s 10 read-aloud commandments are essential reading for any parents.
This is a great site from National Library, full of great tips and information on parents and reading. Well worth a look.


Don’t forget about our Parent Collection:

Our Parent Collection will be available from 2011 and will be able to be issued to your child’s card for you. This collection includes books on what books to choose to help your child’s reading journey, books on sexuality and puberty, the latest Parenting magazine, books on dealiing with behavioural issues, dyslexia and other general parenting issues. Please feel free to come and browse – the Librarian will be happy to help you.

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