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Welcome back :)

A huge welcome back to our lovely Queenspark staff and students after a rather difficult few weeks. It is great to see so many of you back and smiling. 🙂

A big welcome to our visitors from neighbouring schools too – we hope that the Learning Hub in the old school hall is keeping you all going until your schools are back to safe state.

To the many wonderful children who were in the Library at lunchtime on February 22nd for the earthquake – well done! You did your job of  ‘drop-cover-hold’ beautifully.  Our library is back up and running now and we are looking positively towards our future.

On that note, we have some great new books coming into the QSLibrary for all ages. Look out for the display of NZ Post Book Award Finalists and vote for your favourite book – yours could be the one that wins the Children’s Choice Award! Click this picture below to find a list of the finalists …


Stay safe

Ms. Hill 🙂